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  • ProGroom Berry Bright Facial Foam Cleanser - 200ml Foamer bottle

    ProGroom Berry Bright Facial Foam Cleanser - 200ml Foamer bottle


    Berry Bright Cleanser 1 litre. Also Included is a 200ml Foaming Bottle for product use


    Berry Bright is a gentle foaming cleanser that brightens & leaves a wonderful berry fragrance with its safe tear-less sulfate free formula gentle and kind for those sensitive areas Use as a safe facial whilst shampooing or for touch-ups in between grooming. Now there is no need to plop the pup into the bath when their face is the only dirty spot Berry Bright as is a perfect add on service for a groomer to increase those bottom lines.

    The perfect in between bath solution:


    • Can be applied to dry or wet coat.
    • Quick spot cleaner for any area.
    • Ideal for messy faces.
    • Safe to use near eyes & delicate areas.
    • Use as a refresher or for daily touch-ups.
    • Non-irritating formula won't sting eyes.
    • Perfect for puppy mishaps and dirty paws.
    • Can be used daily.


    As a facial, apply just a few squirts in your hand and gently massage foam in, allow to soak while shampooing the rest of your pet. Rinse & groom as usual. In between baths: Can be used as a waterless bath on dry coat. Apply foam to messy area, gently work in foam with fingers, and simply wipe off with damp cloth or rinse off with a touch of water.


    • Naturally-derived plant extracts and gentle
    • ingredients. pH adjusted, SLS- and Paraben-free.
    • Tearless & Sulfate-free
    • No harsh chemicals.