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TCS-Asian Fusion Curved 6" Scissors/Shears - PINK

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TCS - Asian Fusion Curved Scissors / Shears

  • Length: 6"
  • Edge: Semi convex blade
  • Curved: About 30°
  • Handle: Even
  • Weight: 40g
  • Material: Japanese 440C Stainless Steel, with Aluminum Handle - a variety of colours - purple, blue, pink and red
  • Recommended For: Everyday Use, Asian Freestyle Grooming

Introducing the TCS Asian Fusion series grooming shear designed for Asian Freestyle Grooming. Provides an effective grooming experience, easily achieve round head, round mouth and round ears style look without effort. Great for cutting around the face area, easily trim to achieve Asian grooming style. Effectively creates round poodle top knots, pom poms by using only half the time needed.

High quality and long-lasting cutting capacity

TCS-Asian Fusion Curved 6" Scissors/Shears - PINK