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Aeolus Mango Barrel Dryer

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AEOLUS Mango Super Dryer

  • Its the most powerful single motor blaster in the world.
  • This dryer has a blow force of 895g and a wind speed of 90m/s.
  • Features variable wind speed adjustment, one-click easy nozzle operation.
  • Maximum current rating is 10amp, which is safe to run in Australia for standard household outlet.
  • Light green mango colour. 
  • Australian 240V power plug.
  • 2200W, Net weight 4.75kg, Blow Force 895g, Maximum Wind Speed 90m/s
  • 12 month warranty for dryer only, excluding hose, carbon brush, handle, nozzle and cord, unless DOA 7 days after receive
  • Optional Accessories: Dryer Stand can be purchased separately, item number is T-TD9013.
Aeolus Mango Barrel Dryer