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ProGroom ProMagic - Ready to Use - 5L

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Pro magic now comes in more convenient ready for you to use dilution (20:1) this versatile product that can be used for multiple Grooming tasks with an abundance of benefits that Makes Styling Easier! It's the magic wand groomers have dreamed of.
  • Speeds up drying time
  • Amazing detangling & improved coat manageability
  • Protects hair from heat damage & grooming tools
  • Adds incredible lustre & shine to finished coats
  • Deters dirt & odours
  • Controls static
  • Maintains style longer
  • Faster Drying: Spray on clean towel dried coat before forced air drying.
  • Combining: Ease & Detangling: can be used before or after bath.
  • Finishing Spray: Spritz lightly to make incredible shine & beautiful colour.
ProGroom ProMagic - Ready to Use - 5L