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Dematting comb 9 blades

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The Dematting Comb from Show Tech features:
  • 9 stainless steel serrated blades with rounded tip for maximum safety.
  • The special blade design provides effortless mat removal.
  • The ergonomic handle features rubber anti-slip for maximum comfort and grip.
  • Blades can easily be reversed for left-handed use.
Instructions for use:
  1. Using a gentle combing action start at the end of the coat and work backwards towards the root.
  2. The mat will divide and with the help of a slicker brush it will be possible to remove the mat completely.
  3. Remember to brush the divided mats with the slicker before repeated use of the Dematting Comb.
  4. When removing mats, always work in the direction of coat growth, never against.
  5. Severely matted hair should be treated with a de-matting spray.
  6. To prevent mats and tangles, the dog's coat should be regularly bathed, treated with a conditioner and brushed daily.