Sharpening & Repairs

Professional grooming equipment costs more than most other grooming equipment and requires the most upkeep to work properly. We can service and repair all dog grooming equipment including clippers, blades, blow dryers and even hydro baths.

Bring in your items
  • Clipper & Blade Sharpening

    Clipper & Blade Sharpening

    All aspects of the handset will be dismantled, greased and checked for wear, any parts found to be at fault are advised to be replaced. Blades are then professionally resharpened and tested.

  • Blow Dryer Repairs

    Blow Dryer Repairs

    We can service and repair all brands of dog and pet blow dyers. Simply drop your items into the store and leave them with us and we'll assess and let you know the next steps.

  • Hydrobath Repairs

    Hydrobath Repairs

    If your hydrobath has stopped pumping properly or started to leak, we can inspect and advise on the best options to repair your faulty hydrobath.