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  • ProGroom Black Shampoo - 5L

    ProGroom Black Shampoo - 5L


    DESCRIPTION: ProGroom™ Black shampoo is designed to enhance black coats and to optimize the lustrous appearance of the coat. It will deepen the black color and give an appearance of greater blackness to the coat. Neutralizes the redness common to sunbleached black coats. Excellent for Scottish Terriers, Black Russian Terriers, Affenpinschers, Black Cockers, and any black and tan breeds, or brindled coats.


    • Gentle thorough cleaning, leaving coat sparkling clean and luminous.
    • Makes black coat appear blacker and enhances dark colors.
    • Will enhance the appearance of dull or damaged coats.
    • Good for all coat types, may soften coat.
    • Will not irritate, gentle on skin.
    • Easy rinse, soap-free formula.
    • Low Allergen fragrance ? fruity berry scent.
    • pH adjusted for safety and effectiveness.

    USAGE: Can be diluted up to 6:1. Dilute less or use full strength as a second shampoo for discolored or extremely dull coats. Can be used with a Hydrobath for modest brightening. For detangling or deep combing, follow with Pro Pearl Conditioner or rinse with a solution of ProMagic.

    DOES NOT CONTAIN: For your confidence as a professional, this shampoo does not contain soaps, harsh detergents, SLS or SLES, Parabens or petro chemicals.

    SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: DO NOT USE ON CATS. Avoid contact with eyes. If symptoms of eye irritation occur (rubbing eyes, excessive blinking or squinting), flush eyes with tepid water for at least 5 minutes. Discard any unused diluted solution within 24-48 hours.