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  • ProGroom Coat Care Protein Conditioner- 500 ml

    ProGroom Coat Care Protein Conditioner- 500 ml


    ProGroom Coat Care Conditioner offers exceptional conditioning and detangling benefits and also rejuvenates dry skin and coats, ideal for pets that scratch a lot. The hypoallergenic “less is best” formula provides optimum conditioning with least risk of allergic reaction.


    • Gently conditions to aid brushing and combing
    • Natural moisturisers restore and maintain moisture balance
    • Protects coat from damage from heat and grooming
    • Jojoba Wax Esters help keep skin calm and comfortable
    • Perfect companion to our Coat Care Shampoo
    • Non irritant fragrance is unlikely to cause a reaction.


    Apply a small amount to wet coat and gently work through the entire coat, avoiding contact with the eyes - Rinse thoroughly. Can be used full strength or diluted up to 15:1, depending upon needs and type of coat. Work through coat and rinse thoroughly.